Ever since I was first allowed to «play» with a digital camera, I have been increasingly fascinated with filming. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion and my career ambition is to become a filmmaker.

Early experiments with friends became regular online sketches that were popular at school and gradually became more sophisticated with more participants, so I was able to grow in skill and experience. Eventually, I decided to make a short film, «IMPACT», which was shot over two weeks in the evenings after school. Managing all the creative and practical aspects of that presented a major challenge but was incredibly rewarding and gave me the confidence to attempt an experimental film, «Etrange Intention», for my final year project for which I was awarded the top grade.

From school I have a broad grounding in visual art and art history, and I have particularly enjoyed graphics and still-life drawing. Inspiration for my projects comes mainly from film of various types and genres, but also from television and YouTube channels. The ability to adjust a simple image, sequence or soundtrack and generate a range of emotional responses in the viewer continues to drive my creativity. My most recent film centres around time travel and so it involves repeating key scenes with subtle but significant changes.

I also have gained much experience through several internships, notably with a film production company in Lausanne «Messieurs.ch», and also with the Geneva television studio «Léman Bleu» where some of my camera work was included in the broadcast.

My other interests include travel, piano, table tennis and skiing. In the Winter holidays I work as a ski instructor, teaching groups of children as well as adults, and have gained important social and time management skills.